library of souls

The Power Of An Akashic Records Reading


The Akashic Records are a warehouse of information for each individual who has ever incarnated on earth. But they are much more than a list of events. Because of the incredible influence they have, they are interactive and dynamic. They influence not just our everyday lives, but our feelings, beliefs, relationships, and what we manifest. Through a QHHT session, you are able to access these records in the most efficient way possible while in a deep state of theta brainwave hypnosis. Your Akashic Records are a fascinating glimpse into the entirety of your being…it’s a magical place to explore.

Two Parallel Realities

A Glimpse into a Future Earth


This post details one of my very first sessions under hypnosis, speaking from within the Theta brainwave state. The voice and tone coming through and narrating are also called the super-conscious, oversoul or higher self. The experience a was a feeling of an incredible energy source radiating through my body delightfully. I felt so happy and excited to speak…and translate the bursts of energy that I was feeling that needed to be placed into our language here in the US.