5 Reasons You Should Keep a Meditation Journal


Meditation is becoming a necessary survival skill in this busy, distracting world. Every day, there are thousands of distractions trying to tear our awareness away from the present moment. Meditation is important, yet it can be hard to tell if it’s working. That’s why a meditation journal is so important to stay engaged with our mindfulness practices. If you’re new to the practice of keeping a meditation journal or just looking to make the most of your mindfulness memoirs, here are are a few pointers to keep in mind.

How Does Meditation Therapy Help Recovering Addicts?


Approximately 8 percent of American adults currently practice meditation. There are a number of reasons why people meditate. Some do it for stress relief, while others find that it helps with depression or anxiety. Many people who struggle with addiction have also found meditation to be a crucial part of their recovery. Read on to learn how meditation therapy can help you overcome addiction and become the best version of yourself.