10 Tension Relief Tips for a Healthy Mind and Body

There are reportedly more people suffering from depression than at any other time in history. While it can be great to feel more connected than ever in the modern world, it can also cause tension with the inability to focus. It’s no wonder then that the ways to seek tension relief have never been more numerous.

That can bring its own issues. Perhaps you could start feeling anxious about trying to figure out how to relieve your tension.

Instead of spiraling into further anxiety and frustration, try to find simple ways to add tension relief to your daily life. Check out these 10 ways you can stop tension in its tracks.

1. Be Prepared

It’s so stressful to wake up in the morning and feel the pressure to get ready and get out of the house on time. Remembering to pack a lunch, feed the pets, and pick up those last few dishes before you leave can start your day off all wrong.

Start each day a little more calmly by preparing for tomorrow every night when you head to bed. Take a few minutes to make your to-do list to be sure that you’re organized. Lay out some clothes or pack your lunch so that you can wake up without having to make a ton of quick decisions before you’ve even had your coffee.

2. Pack Healthy Snacks

Taking a break is easy when you have a treat to look forward to. But if that treat doesn’t add to your overall health and well-being, you could be making yourself feel worse. Treats high in sugar or salt content can contribute to your anxiety through higher blood pressure.

Put something tasty and healthy in your bag for when you need a second to cool down and regroup.

Peanuts, a small piece of dark chocolate, or some fresh or dried fruit are all things that are good for your body and will taste good too!

3. Make a Playlist

Whether you like to meditate or rock out, have some music on hand that always makes you feel better. If you’re driving, put on that song you love to sing along to and sing your heart out without anyone to judge your falsetto.

If you find that traffic makes you tense, pick out some cool jazz or classical music that really works for you. Finding something soothing that takes you out of your everyday stress can be a great tension relief at no cost at all.

4. Get a Handle On Your Finances

Money is the number one source of stress for most Americans.

Multiple trips to the ATM can mean that you’re spending cash faster than you intended to. Use the ATM as a metric for how much you are or should be spending. Go once a week, take out an amount that you feel comfortable with and know that’s all the spending money you’ll have that week.

As we tend to spend a little more liberally on weekends, you might want to do it early in the week. That way you can make sure you have toothpaste and bandaids in your cupboard before you spend all of your extra cash on 50-cent wings.

5. Do Something Repetitive

Try saving up a domestic routine for when you need it. With the sound of the machine and the repetitive movement, vacuuming can be a great way to disconnect from stress. Shredding all of your old documents at the same time can be good as well.

If you’ve never thought about knitting, maybe now is the time. Lots of people find it a relaxing experience to do while watching a movie or riding the bus. When things get a little overwhelming, a few minutes of knitting can really ease your mind and give you the tension relief you’re looking for.

6. Warm Liquids

If you’re having trouble calming down at night, a cup of tea can be the solution you need. Find something with low caffeine, add a little honey or lemon to taste and stare out the window while you let the tea cool in your hands.

Not a fan of tea? How about a warm bath?

Taking a calming bath can relieve muscle tension. Add something scented and you could feel transported. Adding magnesium flakes to your bath water is a new and relaxing alternative to classic Epsom salts.

7. List Your Greatest Hits

When you’re seeking tension relief, you’re often not thinking positive thoughts. You might even be thinking negative thoughts about yourself.

Turn this feeling on its head and make a list of great things you’ve accomplished in the past. Don’t limit yourself. Put the pen to paper and write out what you’re proud of in your life.

It could be small. It could have been a dozen years ago. But you did it and you should be proud.

It’s great to think about the future or even to seek future life progression. Whatever direction you decide to go, remember that you’re a valuable person who’s done some great things.

8. Yoga in Pajamas

Before bed, think about calming your body down to prepare for a good night’s sleep. You can get tension relief from the stress that builds up in your muscles and back throughout the day.

Try sitting with your legs crossed. Place your right hand on the bed behind your back and then place your left hand on your right knee. Sit up straight and count ten breaths.

Only do this to the extent that you feel comfortable. Overextending your body can make sleep more difficult.

Switch sides and repeat as many times as you want.

9. Take a Dip

Get the best of both worlds in tension relief with a swim.

You’ll be doing the repetitive motions of exercising while being submerged in warm water. The feeling will melt stress away instantly.

10. Screen Break

Are you constantly on your phone or scrolling through social media feeds for news? This isn’t healthy for everyone.

Just as some people can consume 5 greasy burgers a day without gaining a pound, some people can consume junk news without feeling any problem. But that’s not how most people work.

Log out of social media apps and make sure you devote a couple of hours each day to going “screen-free”.

Tension Relief Is Cheap

While some people get great tension relief from going to expensive spas or on fancy getaways, relaxing doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. There are ways to escape into a book or the landscape around you that don’t cost a dime.

If you can’t seem to escape your stress, contact us. We’re specialists in getting to the root of your stress and helping you relieve all that tension you’ve been building up.

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