Is Future Life Progression Really Possible?

future life progression

As human-beings, we have an innate tendency to repeat experiences over and over again. We do this unconsciously, but by exploring past and future lives, we become conscious of these patterns and can resolve them. When this happens, we free ourselves from hardships and possible suffering. One way to do this is through studying your Akashic Records.

Another is to participate in past life regression or future life progression. Freedom from our problematic patterns is a primary aim of most past life regressions – which most of us are familiar with in some way. But a future progression moves us forward in time in order to experience events that haven’t consciously occurred; it can powerfully affect our soul’s spiritual path.

What Are PLR and FLP?

Past life regression (PLR) and future life progression (FLP) is your opportunity to discover the blueprint, or life path, of your soul. You can think of it as learning to discern the threads that weave through all of your lives. Over the course of a session or sessions, you gain clarity, direction, and often healing.

The primary difference between future life progression and past life regression has to do with intention. Past life regression focuses on how events in previous lives are shaping your current circumstances, beliefs, and patterns. Future life progression moves you forward in time so that you can explore possible paths that extend from your present.

What you experience during a session are only possibilities. You choose which paths to examine. The truly incredible part is that you can progress beyond this life and look at future lives as well. This provides a great deal of insight and wisdom for you to utilize now and live out the highest version of yourself.

History of Regression and Progression

This type of healing work developed from the techniques and theories of both psychoanalysis and hypnotherapy. The bottom line?  Remembering details from the past can resolve current conflicts.

It was Sigmund Freud who first spoke about making the unconscious conscious. It was his ideas, more than any other, which informed the creation of regression therapy. Both fields of study became popular in the 1950’s. Therapists began to embrace the idea that the present and future influence the past.

Morris Netherton wrote the first book in the field of regression therapy. Published in 1978, Past Lives Therapy helped to train regression therapists around the world. Later, Delores Cannon developed that most powerful techniques in the field that are still used today.

How to Know Your Future Life

Future Life Progression is often referred to as waking dream therapy. You are brought to a deep state of relaxed yet alert hypnosis. In this way, your mind opens to the potential stored in your subconscious mind.

Once in this focused state, you can explore the most probable future for you. The future you could expect to experience if you stayed on your current life path. It’s quite easy to see several years into your future. With this insight, you can explore what changes or adjustments you need to make to ensure you reach your intended goals.

FLP also allows you to explore alternative life paths. You can examine things (and people) that you no longer want as part of your future life. Other opportunities are available to you and in your relaxed state, you can access them. Maybe you have an idea of something you’d like to manifest, or maybe your FLP practitioner can help you uncover an idea that you’ve never consciously considered.

But What About Time?

The western world has always been a culture of linear time. But in the east, most notably Buddhists and Hindus, time is viewed as cyclical. The idea that time is a dimension that can be traveled is an idea that the west is finally catching up to.  Thanks to Albert Einstein’s teachings on spatial relativity, we understand that time does, in fact, exist. It actually interacts with and influences us.

How does this fact relate to a future life progression? Time exists for us while we are here on earth, in human form. In soul form, we aren’t subject to times laws. We can choose when and where to incarnate as well as craft a life that gives us the best opportunity for development.

From a soul perspective, all lives are lived simultaneously. This is difficult to grasp. We believe so strongly in a three-dimensional world that adding the fourth dimension of time can seem outlandish. The people of Galileo’s time probably felt the same way when they heard his theory about the sun being at the center of the galaxy.

What Can You Use Future Life Progression For?

The possibilities of how you utilize this wisdom are limitless. Use it to look into your possible future to learn what will work and what won’t. If an idea is destined to not work, you will save time, effort, heartache, and money. Explore your relationships to learn how to deepen them or how to walk away from them.

Those who experience future life progression often report that what they visualize during a session manifest much quicker than expected. Take a minute now to look back on your life and think about all the wisdom you would pass to yourself if you share what you’ve learned with your twenty or thirty-year-old self. Imagine the impact of looking five, ten, or more years into your future. This is your opportunity to share lessons learned with your current self! What would you change now if you had that knowledge?

Future life progression will give you all of these answers and more. The future is yours to create for yourself and future life progression hypnosis will help you to achieve the best possible future you could ever imagine when you apply the knowledge and wisdom that your future-self provides!

Some come to FLP with a specific problem they’d like to solve. If you have a question about your career, children, partner, opportunities you should explore or pass on, or goal achievement, looking at your future, your future lives, and your alternate futures can help you.

What to Expect from FLP

You and your future life progression practitioner discuss the areas you want to explore prior to relaxation and hypnosis. This enables him or her to guide you in the best direction. You will then be lead through a series of steps to help you naturally relax.

Once you’re in a meditative yet alert state, the information that you begin to receive will be that which is most important to your current life, right now. Sometimes this can be a bit frustrating if you were expecting one thing but receive another. You may want to discuss only your career path, but your wise unconscious knows that what you most need right now is to review a particular relationship in order to uncover blocks.

After a Session

Your practitioner will guide you out of your meditative state back into waking consciousness. You’ll feel much more relaxed and most likely have an elevated mood. When you receive clarifying information, it can be motivating and many people want to begin implementing what they learned right away.

Many people report that what they saw during their progression is now as vivid as a current life memory. That’s because what you saw feels true and relevant to your life. Use this and tap into these new memories during times of stress or uncertainty. This is the encouragement your soul needs to keep moving down your particular path.

Should I Really Explore the Future?

Some people have expressed concern over interfering with free will or destiny. It’s important to remember that all future progression allows you to see are your options. You still must make the choices that will move you closer to or further away from what you experience.

You are not directly influencing the future per se. Future life progression shows you what your possibilities are, where your life is headed, and what your spiritual path is. You are enabling your current self to make better decisions, have more discernment with life events, and save time in moving toward your goals.

Nothing is predetermined. It seems clear from therapists and those who have experienced regressions and progressions that all our lives – past, present, and future – influence each other.

The future isn’t written in stone. The changes and choices you make in each moment mean that any future is possible. Future life progression can reveal your guides and bring a beautiful awareness of how much support you’ve been receiving your entire existence.

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