The Power Of An Akashic Records Reading

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The term Akashic Records originates from the Sanskrit word ‘akasha,’ which translates as ether, atmosphere, or space. The records are a collection of all human thoughts, words, emotions, events, and even intentions that have ever occurred. Past, present, and future, are all found there.  Think about that for a moment.  For those looking for answers, it is the ultimate destination.

The records serve as a warehouse of information for each individual who has ever incarnated on earth. But they are much more than a list of events. Because of the incredible influence they have, they are interactive and dynamic. They influence not just our everyday lives, but our feelings, beliefs, relationships, and what we manifest. Through a QHHT session, you are able to access these records in the most efficient way possible while in a deep state of theta brainwave hypnosis. Your Akashic Records are a fascinating glimpse into the entirety of your being…it’s a magical place to explore.

A Universal Super Computer

From the dawn of creation, the entire history of every soul is compiled in these records. Often called the Book of Life by psychic reader Edgar Cayce, they can be equated to the universe’s super-computer. Think about how the computer and the internet have transformed (and continue to transform) modern life. The ‘information super-highway’ has revolutionized the planet, the way we interact with each other, and the way we relate to life.

It’s impossible to grasp the amount of information stored in and being accessed from the internet on a daily basis. But this is nothing compared to the memory, power, and omniscient capabilities of the Akashic Records.

They embody an ever-changing range of possible futures – which we shape as we learn from and interact with reality. The Akashic Records serve as guide and educator to help each person become their very best.

Understanding Your Records

Reading your records is a life-changing experience. Most who have accessed this psychic library report a mystical experience filled with magic and wonder. As such, it’s easy to understand why they are often misunderstood, or not even known about at all.

Accessing your records gives you knowledge of thousands of past lives. It becomes possible to truly understand that you are a multi-dimensional being. You are part of the divine; condensed into a finite human form. This is truly priceless understanding.

Exploring your records with an open intent can be freeing, bring healing, and open your spiritual journey in ways you only dreamed. Your Akashic Records are a complete account of your soul’s journey – from arising in source until your return home.

Imagine one book for each life that you have lived. The books are not made of paper but of light. All the information and wisdom of your soul is encoded there. To access this wisdom you need only relax and focus, bring an open mind, willing heart, and a desire to understand the truth of your journey.

Your Intention

Your motivation for accessing your records is, quite possibly, the most important piece toward success. If you are merely curious about a family member or significant other, you might not have the success you seek. Certainly, if you approach the records with a malicious intent, you’re likely to be rejected and your experience is likely to be one of confusion.

You always want to begin with yourself. Learning about what it motivating and influencing others won’t improve your relationships unless you understand yourself first. And you’ll find that reading the records that are most relevant to you is much easier than trying to read those that aren’t. A sure sign of where the universe is pointing us.

Simple Steps to Access The Hall of Souls

It isn’t difficult to retrieve your records. Each individual carries the energetic copy of their own Akashic Records. Though it was once believed that only a handful of privileged people were capable, we now understand that the universe doesn’t discriminate and makes the records available to everyone who seeks them.

The first requirement is the ability to get into an altered state of mind. Even people who work on developing their intuitive abilities will find that accessing the Akashic Records requires a great deal of focus. You’ll need to be able to put your thoughts and dominant ego aside in order to fully open up to the information that you find.  While this can be accessed through deep meditation, a quantum healing hypnosis technique session can get you there with much, much greater ease. Past lives are explored organically as part of the process with energetic healing and a Q&A with your Higher Self to follow.

The second requirement is willingness. You must be willing to accept whatever you find recorded about yourself. It’s entirely possible that you’ll be met with potentially distasteful truths. You will most likely be shown all angles of your past problems, including how you yourself contributed to them.  The good news is that your previous challenges stand to be your greatest ammunition to move forward in this life…freeing yourself from negative karma and liberating yourself to follow you highest excitement.

Approach with Compassion

If you prefer to avoid conflict or challenges in life, you’ll find it difficult to accept such information when reading your Akashic Records. For this reason, compassion is always a valuable response when viewing the records. And not just compassion for your own limitations.

Compassionate awareness of human history and tendencies will help to make your reading much more meaningful. What was once socially acceptable can fall out of favor. You may find that you once had roles that now make you cringe.

You’ll need to look with historical compassion at yourself and others for doing the best they could, given their understanding at the time. Avoiding these difficult realities could be hanging you up, causing you to repeat similar mistakes lifetime after lifetime. Remember that reading from this psychic library will be only as deep and meaningful as your own understanding of life.

Accessing Through Meditation

Mediation can be used to access your records. It allows you to create mental space and still the body. Another excellent practice is to verbalize your intention. Try something along the lines of:

“I ask my spirit guides to help me in accessing my Akashic Records. Gift me with the wisdom to look plainly, accept openly, and use the knowledge that I find to bring awareness into my life and the lives of others.”

Whatever you prefer to say, be sure that your intention involves love, truth, and bringing light. Let the universe know that you are coming with openness, not judgment; light, not confusion; and truth, not ignorance.

What to Expect

Depending on your intuitive abilities and personal nature, you might receive information in any number of ways. If you tend to be clairvoyant, you may see moving images like in a dream or video clip. For those who are are more clairaudient, you might hear music that holds a symbolic meaning. If you are clairsentient, you may receive sensations of touch, smell, or taste.

Whichever way the information comes, receive it openly. Ask whatever clarifying questions you need, absorb the information shared, and then end your session by expressing gratitude for what has been shared. Know that you receive just the right amount of information that will be helpful at this time.

Have You Received Accurate Information?

If what you experience during your Akashic Records reading resonates and makes sense to you, you can trust its accuracy. It’s possible that you will experience spontaneous or quick moving change in your life – thought this doesn’t always happen.  You might experience the strengthening of some relationships and a moving away from others.

How Can You Heal?

When we seek answers, we often look to external sources for hope and explanations. I’ve written before about the search for finding yourself here. Sometimes, we are for a quick fix or simple solution to end our pain and suffering. While this can be helpful, true healing begins within our souls.

The information that is most important for your current life is highlighted for you. This makes it easier to see old patterns and helps deep-rooted issues come to the surface for healing.

Just like with any resource, the more questions you ask, the more clarity you’ll receive. Curiosities like who you were or what you did in a past life are less important than accessing the wisdom that you gained from those lives. You’re looking for karmic debts, patterns, and blockages that might be manifesting in this current lifetime.

Your records will point out these issues. Many of which can be traced to previous lifetimes. You will see your unlearned lessons or unfinished business. Other times you’ll find that you’ve mastered a lesson previously, but simply need to activate that knowledge now.

You’ll be given understanding so that you can begin to take appropriate action toward human and soul growth. Studying your Akashic Records can empower you to make long-lasting changes, let go of what doesn’t serve you, and transform all your relationships. Most of all, you can earn a sense of inner peace in this lifetime.

You will never be told what to do or what went wrong. All information comes from a loving and non-judgmental source. This compassionate energy allows for growth and advancement of your soul.


Akashic Records are a shared resource for all of humanity. There is so much more to our current life history, our past lives, and our future than we have even dared to imagine. It’s vitally important to treat the records with respect when using them. It is from these records that liberation can come.

When you learn how to read your Akashic Records, the benefits will amaze you. You’ll reap rewards not just for the rest of this life, but for lifetimes to come. They can guide you not just with practical steps for this life, but with deep understanding and spiritual meaning. This is the way to reveal your life mission and revive your purpose. Good luck and enjoy.

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