How Spirituality Helps You on Your Road to Recovery

Spirituality and Recovery

Are you facing an arduous road to recovery? Whether you’re spending your first day in sobriety, or your 10,000th, recovery is a life-long journey. So what’s the best way to stay sober?

Recent studies indicate the spirituality helps you on your road to recovery. Dr. Stephanie Carroll of the California School of Professional Psychology published an article in The Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs. She found that there was a significant correlation between meditating, praying, communing with nature, and reading spiritual material and length of recovery.

It’s important to note that the spirituality mentioned above isn’t just a traditional belief in God as outlined in a 12-step program. It’s more of a belief in a higher power, whether that be the Universe, Mother Earth, or for surfers, that may even be the ocean.

Regardless of what you believe in, consider following some of the following practices so you can see how spirituality helps you on your road to recovery.


A meditation practice can serve many purposes. It can provide a very calming experience, that can help reduce anxiety, help people learn to stay focused and grounded, and most importantly, helps people manage their stress.

Physiologically, it’s been found that meditation practice helps to rewire the brain’s pathways. It can help to create new connections that help an addict better deal with daily stressors.

There are many different forms of meditation, including mindfulness, spiritual, movement, and mantra to name a few. Find a form that best fits you as part of your recovery process.


Visualization techniques can help speed your road to recovery. It’s a wonderful tool that many successful people use when finding balance in recovery – whether that’s Olympic athletes or CEOs.

For addicts, visualization is a powerful tool in building their lives in sobriety. It keeps them motivated at the same time giving them a clearer picture of what they want to achieve.

Visualization also helps to alleviate stress, helping people to create real feelings of comfort and joy. After a stressful day, a visualization session will help to recharge your positivity.


Yoga is another form of spirituality, and as we’ve seen, spirituality helps you on your road to recovery.

Yoga can be a great way to help people overcome addictions. It replaces artificial highs with natural ones, not only from the endorphins released through physical movement but through the focus required for yoga.

It’s also a wonderful coping mechanism. As addicts begin to rebuild their lives, it’s hard to know what to do with the free time that used to be spent using. Just like a 12-step meeting, yoga is a great way to shift perspective, connect with a community, and release stress.

Spirituality Helps You On Your Road to Recovery

Regardless of what format you choose, it’s been proven that spirituality helps you on your road to recovery. It will help you to continue to build the life skills that you need to live a beautiful life of sobriety.

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