About Kaya


Kaya Wittenburg is QHHT certified practitioner. He is also a multiple award-winning businessman, fashion model and life coach. He has walked the runways of Europe, Asia, Africa and South America, while working with the world’s top designers including Gianni Versace, Giorgio Armani, and Hugo Boss.

He starred in Season One of Temptation Island, which was the most watched television show in the world during the year of its airing. Afterward, Kaya participated in a number of different television show as a cast member, and ultimately, executive producer and creator.  As the winner of the Weakest Link trivia show on NBC, Kaya donated all of his prize money to the Ronald McDonald House and the American Red Cross charities.

After his modeling career, Wittenburg moved into real estate. During his four your tenure as the Chief Operating Officer of Majestic Properties he drove the company to named the Fastest Growing Privately-Held Real Estate Firm in America according to Inc 500 Magazine.

Kaya has taken a strong interest in strengthening the Miami business community where he has served on the Board of Directors for the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce and was appointed as a judge for the esteemed Rothschild Business Planning Competition at the University of Miami. He felt a deep spiritual awakening in 2012, that has brought him to where he is today.  Excited to contribute to the evolution of humankind.


“The Purpose of My Life is to be a Vivacious and Highly Abundant Business and Spiritual Maverick. Bringing the Highest Level of Consciousness into the World for the Greatest Good.”

Kaya Wittenburg

Kaya's Evolution

My drive to help connect others to the highest version of themselves has grown from a hobby to an obsession.  It started mostly acting in a business capacity through managing and leading. But now, there is so much more to it. I believe that everyone has a strong inner purpose that is waiting to be unleashed for the collective good. And I am ready to do my part. I am ready to take you on a journey of deep connection to who you really are.  I have taken this journey myself many, many times and the insight that I have gained into my own life has been remarkable.  Deepening the relationship with my Higher Self has given me the clarity and confidence to move forward with pursuing my most exciting passions…without the fear or hesitation.

The first book that changed my life was Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch.  It was through that reading that my mind started to grapple with fresh, new ideas about life.  I started to feel limitless.  I devoured the first three books and the third book, in particular really resonated with me. It started the discussion of the behaviors of Highly Evolved Beings in other civilizations in the Universe. This was important because a new blueprint was forming in my mind about how to behave and interact with others. I put quite a bit of time in thinking about the power of unconditional love and the remarkable gifts that are a natural part of living on the Earth. However, the biggest, new, impactful concept that came to mind was the idea that there is no time.  Everything that has ever happened is happening or will ever happen is happening right now. The positive benefit of this thought construct was that life is incredibly malleable.  We can bend our pasts and our futures by mastering our present. Wow! By giving our present experience the full love and positive emotions that it deserves. I learned to live as deeply in the present moment as possible.

Moving forward, I next watched the movie The Secret.  I was traveling around the country doing leadership training and the instructor each gave us a copy of the movie on DVD. After watching it, I was hooked.  This was before it was a global success and Oprah got behind it. I was so excited that I bought 15 more DVDs and gave them all away to friends. The Secret drilled in the concept that our thoughts have tremendous power.  We become the being that is the sum total of all of our daily thoughts, so we must choose them wisely.  In fact, visualizing and using the imagination to think of your dream life has tremendous power.  What we think about most, we become. Wow! This was tapping perfectly into what I had already learned from the CWG books…when he said that thought control is the highest form of prayer.  Make the effort, use your imagination to proactively think the things into existence that you love…think about the experiences that get you most excited…and then imagine yourself already there living in your goals in the present.

The Secret led me to investigate further the Law of Attraction. This was a passion. The Law of Attraction made soooo much sense to me. What we think about, we become…the only variable is time.  The more intensely we think and add emotion to it, the shorter the manifestation period in physical reality. Wow Wow!  I discovered that the author of the Law of Attraction books was Esther Hicks. I was pretty surprised to learn that she was a channel for a Highly Evolved Being called Abraham.  This was a bit hard to digest at first. It sounded a little bit crazy. But I told myself to listen to the message and not the messenger.  It’s all about the message. And with each message, I noticed that I felt happier afterward. Every time that I listened to an audio or did I guided Abraham meditation, I felt amazing.

Then it dawned on me one day…if I was a Highly Evolved Being from a much more intelligent civilization, how would a deliver my message?  Would I choose some form of technology and send recordings? Nah, those could be manipulated through technology / editing…and that could ruin the message. Potentially even make it a dangerous message – inducing fear. Wouldn’t a much better way be through using the consciousness of an articulate spiritual-minded person?  That way the message could be delivered with love and the common recognition of the kinds of human interactions that we are already accustomed to.  Yes, that was it. Makes sense.  I get it now!

After my first QHHT session, I felt a natural high for a week.  It was incredible. I also developed an ability to expand and control my dreams just before I wake up in the morning. What used to be an abrupt wake-up is now a magical expansion in the realm of the subconscious. It feels so good waking up after playing in the world of your dreams. Being a conscious creator in the world of the subconscious is quite powerful.  I feel it carrying over into my daily life.

At the end of the day, a theory is one thing, but action and creation is something much, much more important. Once you know who you really are, and where you need to go…the magic happens. Your Higher Self brings so much extra energy and assistance.  You’ll notice synchronicity and coincidence happening at a much greater level. The creative process of life will be working for your dreams and greatest ambitions not against it because of misalignment.  A QHHT session brings deep clarity and turbo-charges your life.

When you schedule a QHHT session with me, I strongly believe that you’ll enjoy my flair as a storyteller and narrator.  Getting interviewed for shows like Access Hollywood, Entertainment Tonight and 20/20 allowed me to learn a great deal about the magic of questions.  Creating, producing and selling a television show has taught me a great deal about how to develop stories. These two skills, when used with sharp precision, create the ultimate journey into the deepest part of your soul…unleashing the best parts of who you really are.

Move forward today, and let’s take the leap together.