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QHHT Past Life Regression


How many times have you heard someone casually refer to their past life? Perhaps you have heard that a specific characteristic of someone’s present is based on who they were in the past. Or what about someone hoping that they come back in their next life as something specific?

To some, this is just a casual figure of speech without much thought or intent behind it. But for the thousands who have been able to tap into their super-conscious and experience the adventures they’ve had in the lives before this one, past life regression is an amazing tool of self-discovery.

Anyone, regardless of gender, religious affiliation or physical ability can do it. With help from Kaya, your past life regression therapist, anyone can enter into their theta brainwave state. From there they can access information, adventures, and memories from lives they’ve lived before. This is all part of the process of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, or QHHT.


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Quantum Healing Hypnosis Explained

QHHT works by having you tap into a part of the brain that is only accessed twice a day; the moment right before you wake up and the moment right before you fall asleep. The first part of the technique is generally a past life regression. Participants are guided through visualization techniques in order to uncover their past lives.  This covers a number of important events including the final phase of that life, usually their death scene. QHHT works closely with the super-conscious.

It is not the same subconscious that we’ve learned about in psychology classes and therapy sessions. In QHHT, the super-conscious is a very aware part of the mind that knows everything about the individual. When engaged correctly, it will relay important information for healing and personal growth that otherwise would not be accessible through the conscious.

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Natural Healing

One of the most phenomenal and life changing aspects of QHHT is the ability to find guidance for physical ailments. This can be accomplished by tapping into the super-conscious and defining the deep rooted reason for the problems. Through QHHT, the super-conscious can relay, through a careful set of questions and investigating, the cause for why there is pain or illness present in the body. Once the reason is identified, the super-conscious is asked if healing can occur, and if so, will happen immediately. What is happening here is simple: sometimes just understanding why the pain is there is enough to start the healing process.

One of the obstacles for many who are interested in QHHT is the ability to let go of certain thinking patterns, belief systems and prior thinking in order to open your mind and make room for QHHT to be successful. It is easy to dismiss the principles and theories of QHHT and consider it impossible or illogical, but people who can broaden their thoughtfulness have reported being set free from many different physical and mental limitations. Without getting to technical, Quantum Physics supports the idea that what we think becomes our reality.

Past Life Regression

While healing is a large part of QHHT, exploring past life regression is one of the most unique aspects of this technique. By using a form of focused awareness, the participant is guided to focus on their breathing, visualize some beautiful calming imagery, and slowly fall into a light, trance-like state. This is a calm and relaxing feeling that helps prepare the mind to bring up past life experiences. Many of the memories that come to the surface will be positive ones, which help to shape the positive qualities and traits that we have in this life. But just as the positives shape who we are, so do the negatives.

Being able to visualize and understand the challenges and negative experiences of our past can help us understand the negative qualities of ourselves that we struggle with. By exposing some of this pain and negativity, we can understand it, process it, and let it go, which releases its mental hold on us during our present lives. You will be guided through each step, and at the end, you will gain tremendous clarity into who you really are on a much larger level.  As you continue through your day, week, or year, new memories will surface as a result of this initial hypnosis.


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Seeing The Future

While past life regression usually exposes adventures, experiences and events of the past, some people are able to see forward into their next lives as well. Instead of seeing who you were, you are able to get a glimpse of who you will or can be. This unique experience allows participants to accept the potential that they have before them. It gives you the ability to see where your present choices and situations may lead you if you continue on the same path. Many participants report feeling confident and energized to immediately start implementing the changes and doing the necessary work to get them to the place they saw during their session. Seeing your future self will encourage you to continually make changes and progress towards the future that was clearly revealed to you.

What To Expect

During your QHHT session, you can expect to sit down one-on-one with Kaya for a brief “get-to-know-you” session before the hypnosis takes place. Once you feel comfortable and ready, Kaya will guide you into a light trance-like state by helping you focus on your energy, your breathing, and your visualization. Through a series of methodical questions, Kaya will ask your subconscious a list of questions that you have prepared, which will unveil mysteries and information of who you were in your past lives. Once the past life regression session and healing sessions are complete, you will be calmly and gently “counted up” from your hypnosis and back to being fully aware.

It is common for participants to want friends or family in the room to witness this extraordinary event, but for confidentiality purposes, nobody else can be in the room. The session will be recorded, and you can share this with whomever you wish. When you are back to a fully conscious state, you will feel a wide range of emotions. Most people report feeling refreshed, positive and energized. One thing is certain, you leave the session knowing a lot more about yourself then you did when you walked in.


Is QHHT For You?

  • If you seem to run into the same patterns in your life, over and over again and can’t seem to break them
  •  you keep dating the same kind of people
  •  you always seem to be having the same financial issues
  • you’re always struggling with addiction, weight loss or other health issues,
  • you find yourself consistently attracting the same types of negative people into your life
  • you are living with unexplained anxiety or other mental health issues
  • Or you simply feel that there is more to you and this world, and you crave the clarity and wisdom to give you an extra edge in life

By identifying the root causes for any reoccurring issues, you can be proactive about noticing the patterns and changing them. It is also a wonderful way of determining how to find yourself. By looking into the past and healing an old hurt, you can release yourself from the same pain in your present and your future.  QHHT works when your mind is open and accepting to the power it possesses.  Every session is different. It may take multiple sessions for you to completely uncover who you were and to help shape who you are and are going to be, and the end result will be life changing. Getting the answers to some of your most burning questions, and getting answers to questions you never knew you had can be the first step in healing and understanding yourself on a deeper, much more meaningful level, resulting in a happier and more productive present and future.

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