How to Find Yourself

finding yourself

In many ways, this informational age that we are in can be overwhelming with conflicting guidance. Have you ever wondered how to find yourself through the complications that life brings on a daily basis? We all know want to feel connected and inspired to a higher calling, but truly finding yourself can be a challenge.  Studies show that time and time again, that when we feel engaged as human beings, our happiness rises considerably.

Why We Do the Things We Do

We do the things that we do because of habits and conditioning.  It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that life happens to us instead of for us. That is certainly not the case. We do not have to do what society, our parents or anyone else tells us what to do.  By making sense of our past and finding clarity, we become the captains of our ship rather than crew. We enter a position of driving our lives in the direction that best supports out purpose. There is a point in life where the opinions of other don’t matter.  What really matters is how we feel about ourselves when we are alone with our thoughts.

Understanding Your Past

To chart a map for a happy and fulfilling future, it is first very important to understand your past.  This is achieved through exploring patterns in life that have made you who you are…for better or worse. It is an act of internal bravery to face any somewhat darker parts of your being.  The rewards are immeasurable when you work through your challenges with someone who really cares. Experiences themselves are not what define us as individuals; it is the way that we process them and give them meaning. All of the events and circumstances in life are neutral in nature until we give them energy through our thoughts and emotions.  These thoughts and emotions then cluster and gain more energy and power the more you focus on them.  Emotions become drivers of behaviors that start new life cycles which may be for better or worse.  You’ll master how to find yourself through really thinking through this process.

Substitution of the Past

The past is not a static event; it changes with your perspective from the present. Understanding this gives you power. Think about that for a second.  If you stop for a moment to think about a walk a cafe last week, the first thing that might come to mind was how cloudy it was outside. However, that feeling of the past can change instantly.  What else happened as a result? Well, you might have made a friend in the fresh juice section of the store. If you then think about that person and add gratitude for their service, your past has changed. Your new friend has replaced the cloudiness; you swapped out the past of your past. Modern day physics proves that awareness gives life to reality. So bring life to the new relationship instead of the clouds.

Re-calibrating Negativity

Once you understand your past, you are now in a position to unravel your chain of negative thinking.  Did a boyfriend, girlfriend or ex-spouse end a relationship in a harmful and difficult manner? It could be easy to think that way and store the information in your mind as trauma.  The storage expressions could be something like…they left after all of the love and consideration I gave them. It was extremely unfair how I was treated in the end.  I loved and lost. This is very common, and the negative definitions will bring negative meanings and future negative behaviors.  There is a better way. There is an adjustment that will forever change the impact of challenging circumstances.

Assigning Your Life’s Meaning

After you have caught those negative definitions, it is time to flip the script.  Instead of storing your relationship from the vantage point of a victim, as initially done, you can create a much more positive definition.  This can be done through a series of questions.

  • Since the breakup, what have you had more time to now pursue?
  • Did you feel that you were ever held back from anything that you truly wanted to pursue while in the relationship?
  • Who can you now spend more time with that you may have been neglecting before?
  • Is there a certain part of you that now feels more free?

It is time to take charge and assign your preferred meanings through the answering of those questions. If you look deeply inward with honest answers, you make some important discoveries. Perhaps you feel that your ex held you back from reading more stimulating books?  The re-ignition of that activity could get you into a new pattern of learning that could change your life. You may read something that stimulates you in a way that you never thought about before and now you have an idea about how to make money online. So, the positive definition stored away in your mind can be…oh, THAT relationship had to end so that I could expand my mind and start an online business.

Attracting with You Really Want

Once you have stored your past in the way that you want.  It’s time to bring in more of what you do want. Clarity brings productivity. This is achieved through starting your days with what you are most excited about. Take a few minutes to speak out loud, or even better, write in a journal what you want to bring into your life. The repetition will stimulate the law of attraction to work on your behalf. Each statement of what you do want becomes a positive intention. Concentrate on adding emotion and feeling it. Feel every word of what you want to bring into your life.  Imagine yourself already having what you want and celebrating.  Embrace the joy and satisfaction that you feel. Then live your life as the person who already has what you want inevitably.  The person that takes the actions they know are necessary to achieve what they already have on a deeper level. That is truly a life changing step towards answering how to find yourself.

How to Find Yourself

It’s human nature to want the very best for your life, career, and family. By simply reading this material, you have taken a positive step forward towards learning how to find yourself. Following the steps above will no doubt making a huge impact towards finding who you really are, but there is more. You can take a quantum leap forward by engaging the help of your super-conscious mind to give you the answers that you are looking for.  There is a way to connect your past with your present and future in an extremely efficient manner.  What once took a lifetime to figure out, can now be discovered in a five-hour session of QHHT or Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique past life regression.

The Power of QHHT

Through a QHHT session, you’ll unleash a passionate side of your personality that has been waiting to be unleashed. There is no greater feeling than then answering the questions of how to find yourself. Your super-conscious knows who you really are, who you have been and who you ever will be.  Opening up the highest level dialogue with yourself is an amazing process.  You will relax into an incredible state of feeling peaceful, connected and energized with the highest version of yourself. From there, you will discover all of the answers to life that has been troubling you throughout the years. Every answer awaits you.

Life’s Mission

Finding your life’s mission is a byproduct of speaking with your super-conscious self.  You’ll naturally gain insight into past lives where you played different roles with the people closest to you in this life. That form of resolution is quite empowering. It’s like turning back the curtain and seeing what really make you tick.  Once the session is over, you will have a resolution with your QHHT therapist and naturally come to many new, eye-opening conclusions. Next, we will strategize with you and construct the foundation of your life’s mission. This information is best built into a personal mission statement. You’ll feel so good with this new discovery that you’ll want to write out your life’s mission statement in a creative way and then place it on your wall in a room for daily viewing. You’ll feel the motivation of the energy driving new passion into your day-to-day activities.

Find Your Purpose and Passion in Life

Broken down into these simple steps, we guide you through finding your purpose and passion in life:

  1. Discussing anything that you feel might be holding you back.
  2. Learning the people in your life whom you feel are most significant
  3. Understanding what excites you, but could seem difficult to do
  4. Learning what you are naturally good at doing
  5. Then opening up the world of the super-conscious to provide your with answers

Through the interview component of our meeting, we will dive deeply into defining a map of the most important parts of your life.  It will be a wonderful candid discuss on who you currently are and who you could aspire to be. Then it will be time to get the perfect answers to your life’s mission through accessing your super-conscious mind.  We are here to help you discover your life’s mission through a dynamic expansion of your consciousness.  We will take you deep into the brainwave state of theta where your super-conscious mind will provide answers. You’ll leave your session with an incredible new outlook on life and a new life’s mission.