Guide: The Law of Attraction and How To Use It

Law of attraction – it’s something you may hear people in your family or social circle talking about. In fact, it’s been the talk of the century since the documentary “The Secret” was released.

But if you’ve yet to jump aboard the law of attraction bandwagon, then you may not understand what it’s all about. And maybe you’d like to learn more about it or even give it a try.

If you’d like to know how it all works, then continue reading. We’ll delve into what it really is and how you can begin harnessing the power it potentially offers.

Let’s dig in.

What is the Law of Attraction?

Now, if you’re still wet behind the ears regarding LoA, then you’re in for an awakening. Simply put, LoA is all about attracting the things you want in life.

But if you’re not careful, you can draw negative energies your way, turning your life upside down.

If you follow Oprah, you may have heard her give credit to LoA for her success. And she’s not the only famous person to say so. For example, Will Smith, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jim Carrey also say they practice the laws of attraction.

Now, do note this has nothing to do with magic or rituals. It’s simply a way of thinking. In fact, imagine the LoA as gravity. When you throw something up, it comes down each and every time.

It’s the same thing with LoA – in this universe, things are attracted to other like things. This can be people, feelings, thoughts, objects and whatever else is in existence.

The law states that like attracts like. And like migrates toward like. It doesn’t matter whether you believe this to be true or untrue. It works out the same. However, trusting it and tuning with it will make life more predictable and happier, if you can learn to control the positive and negative thoughts you have.

Why Does LoA Work?

It’s not really so simple to explain why LoA works. It’s a lot like gravity – it makes sense because we see it in action. But it’s still very hard to explain.

We know gravity stops everyone and everything from floating off to space, but the why is still a mystery.

What we do know is there’s a universal law of attraction that applies to you and everyone else on this planet.

Tuning Into the Law of Attraction

The key is tuning into LoA is to really understand your connection with the universe. Take a closer look at how you feel about how the universe interacts with you.

Are you convinced you can influence what’s around you so things are happening for you versus to you? Most people believe they’re the product of what happens to them. These type of individuals don’t know they’re in control of their lives.

Your thoughts and feelings can actually change the events occurring around you. By simply changing your perspective and understanding how the universe can help you, you can use it to attract positives into your life.

The Science Behind the Law of Attraction

If you’re still thinking LoA is magic rather than science, then you’re mistaken. There’s actually scientific proof showing it exists.

For example, back in 1993, there was a study with 4,000 meditators who meditated on love and peace to help lower the amount of crime in a dangerous part of Washington DC. Scientists working on this study kept an open mind and considered all variables – no bias.

The results showed a drop in crime by 25%. If a group of people can affect their environment, imagine what you can do with your own life!

How to Use the Laws of Attraction

There is no set way to go about using the LoA, but to help you get started, we put together a quick list of steps. You can give these a try until you become comfortable with your own methods of attracting good things, people and events into your life.

There are certain steps you can take alone or with the entire family. You can read more about family devotions here.

Step 1: Meditate

A clear mind is key to focusing on what you want. If you’re stressed about the dealings life is giving you, take a minute to take a breather. Meditate for about five to 10 minutes before continuing.

Step 2: Think of What You Want

It’s not enough to just think of a general idea of what you want. That’s like asking for clothes, but not specifying what type. Then when you can get an outfit you abhor, you’re left disappointed.

The universe works in the same way. You have to think of something specific you want so the frequency is clear and the results are more in tune with what you’re looking for. Make sure you show strong enthusiasm for it.

Ste 3: Make Your Request

Now, it’s time to make your request to the universe. Picture what you want inside of your mind. Imagine it’s already yours. Visualization is strong. For example, if you desire that new Mercedes Benz, then visualize yourself driving it and pulling up to your garage.

Do the same whether it’s a job, person or other things you desire. You should do this daily.

Step 4: Write Down Your Desires

Writing down your desires can help make it tangible. It’s no longer a thought, but something you’re crafting into existence. When you write about it, do so in the present tense, like you already have it.

You can even print out pictures of the person, thing or event you’re honing in on.

Remember, the more you focus on something, the more powerful it will become. So avoid negative thoughts as much as possible.

Discover Your Life’s Mission

It’s not always easy figuring out what it is you want out of life. You know you want happiness but aren’t quite sure what it is that’ll make you happy.

Materials aren’t always the key happiness, which means you’ll have to meditate deeper in yourself. Maybe, you want a family or a more meaningful career.

If you need help determining your future, then it’s time to look within. At Past Life Regression, we help individuals like you with becoming your higher self.

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