A Glimpse into a Future Earth

Two Parallel Realities

What is the Future of Earth?

One of the most fascinating ways of tapping into higher levels of consciousness is through the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique that I love dearly. You never really know what each session may bring. For those that are more spiritually-minded, it’s infinitely more interesting than watching a run-of-the-mill television show or reading about the latest political scandal. There is so much more to life. And QHHT brings tremendous depth. This post details one of my very first sessions under hypnosis, speaking from within the Theta brainwave state. The voice and tone coming through and narrating is also called the super-conscious, oversoul or high-self. The experience a was a feeling of an incredible energy source radiating through my body delightfully. I felt so happy and excited to speak…and translate the bursts of energy that I was feeling that needed to be placed into our language here in the US.

My session dealt with a very interesting topic: the splitting of the Future Earth into two parallel realities. One is a continuation of our collective childish and arrogant behaviors, while the other is an advancement of the collective good. The contrast that I was feeling couldn’t have been any more different.  Here is the transcript from the Future Earth portion of the session. (I’m K and my QHHT guide is A-llison).  I was previously involved in another QHHT session that also mentioned the splitting of the Earth, so this where are beginning…dovetailing and expanding the topic greatly.  Also, please note that I am using the term ‘future’ liberally, this is a formality that I had to use for better optimization of this page for google indexing. There really is no such thing as the future…everything that has ever happened or will ever happen is happening right now.  But I think that you catch my drift; I have inserted future more into the text than was naturally present for this reason.

Describing the Splitting of the Future Earth

W: Can we look and see when he was aware of the Future Earth splitting?

K: Oh, this is wonderful. We’ve been touching base on this when we were listening to this earlier tonight with the relevant information on the splitting of the Earth. This was fascinating for him (Kaya), it was very exciting for him to conduct the conversation in the splitting of the future Earth from the perspective of the interviewer, because we were there with him. We were feeling the energy and the vibration and tapping into it. You see, this is very correct that the Earth was beginning to split in the year 2012. This was the Mayan calendar.

This is something that they had prophesied forever, people on Earth thought the world was going to end at that point, and there were talks of the world ending. Well, the world did. The world did end as we know it, and began a new era. This was thousands and thousands of years in the making, this has been watched by many, many planets and star systems in the galaxy. You see, this is the greatest show in the universe. All eyes are on us, and it is now our time to shine because the splitting of the Earth is the grandest and greatest experiment from the childish, infantile density and the overall consciousness of the Earth, which is still a bit of a preschool into a greater, greater consciousness that is aided by those that are in much higher, shall we say, Ph.D. levels and multiply that times 50, and those types of energies are now able to interject into the Earth.

You see, the hands-off policy, the quarantine has been lifted. There was a quarantine that was placed on the Earth, and even though we wanted to interject directly, there were many votes and many council thoughts about this.There was fierce debate, well, not fierce that you would say, there wasn’t any deep-seeded argumentative anger that was associated with it, but there were many points back and forth about how to work with the Earth as it has been transitioning, as it has dealt with problems. The problems as it has dealt with wars, as it has dealt with fear, as it has dealt with repression, and as it has dealt with slaves.

You see, the Earth was one of the least primitive planets in the entire universe and, of course, there are some worse, but it has been, so we say, quarantine, integrated experiment has been pulled ever since the asteroid hit and it has caused a great deal, and we have seen many, many things happening from the Annunaki and the destruction of Atlantis. It has quite an interesting past. We are very much looking forward to the day when the entire history of the Earth is revealed, and the people can learn really who they are and where they’re from. That day is coming. You see, 2012 signaled the beginning of that, it is a pull, it is a gradual evolution into two future Earths….with the Old Earth and the New Earth existing simultaneously with people choosing where they have wanted to go.

The people, they had their free will, they have been able to choose their path, they’ve been able to take their vibration and melt their vibration into like-minded vibration. they have made their choices. They have decided to go where they want to go, and now the higher vibrational energy have gone through each other and they have built in their own system and, you see, this vibrational energy and this splitting Earth is aided by many, many other civilizations advancing into the future, it is becoming a very, very wonderful place, we are all going to look forward to some amazing times.

Evolution into a Paradise

W: I want you to take us to the time of the two Earths splitting. Please take us there.

K: I see the two future Earths splitting, yes. They are going in either direction, one is a darker one, one is lighter. The lighter is the one I prefer to focus on as I see the bright, illuminating light that is coming off of it, the radiance. The atmosphere, getting to be just the right atmosphere, weather being controlled, ships coming through, passing through with greater ease because of the lessening of the electromagnetic fields and the gravity to let the ships come in a bit more easy. There is a higher collective in a higher level of energy that is within this planet consciousness. There is a telepathic ability that exists between the people that are more connected with it.

There is a feeling of universal love, there is a higher level of consciousness for nourishment. You see, the conventional food is not as important as they used to think in the three-dimensional reality. The heavy foods are rather frowned upon, and the lighter foods are what are taken in as subsistence and nourishment for the people of the New Earth. You see, they understand that the direct energy of the Sun that goes into the food and if the food is still capturing that Sun, and it is fresh, they are able to put that into their bodies, they are taking in the pure light, which is the battery and the recharger to the raising of their vibration. They learn that this food and this nutrition and these nutrients are a key to keeping the high vibration.

The high vibration is key for the overall feeling of oneness and advancement and having the capability to follow your highest excitement as an individual, and not be limited by the money consciousness that currently exists in the 3D reality, which is a bit of an imprisonment by the way that people choose to create a relationship around it and the backwards confusion of the definition of abundance, which gets stronger and stronger, it exists on the darker Earth, the overall consciousness, the materialism, the feeling that there’s not enough, the slicing my piece of the pie, because the pie will be gone mentality… which is prevalent there. The nationalism that puts things above the universalism is very eye-opening, because at this time, we are being shown very clearly the path to the darker 3D Earth is becoming more clear.

It would be as if all these ignorant policies of the government were to come into place…and to take away the pure water…and the good food…and the treating of the Mother Earth well…and the consolidation of the wealth among the most wealthy. The elimination of healthcare and increased education to those that are poor. It is a system that’s extremely backwards and will be accelerating into the wrong Earth, shall we say? Not necessarily wrong, just a choice, shall we say, the lesser Earth, but nonetheless, it is something that is happening. And there couldn’t be a greater difference between the two future Earths. It is very clear. Ask more questions if you like, we are happy to answer them.

Speed Needed to Switch Earths

W: Now, I would like to know when Kaya notices the splitting of the Earth.

K: When is this splitting of the future Earths coming? Is splitting of the Earth a split?  They are physically split now, and they are moving further and further away. You see, there is lag kind that is going on right now for our consciousness to catch up. There is a lag time in the physical reality. We still, of course, feel the 3D effects and the complete split, obviously, will not happen, for few more years yet, but it is happening and we are feeling a bit of a lag, thinking that maybe it hasn’t happened, but you will notice now that the people that are more, the heavy 3D will be falling more to the side and people will be coming into your life that are more the 5D individual, that it will be coming in naturally.

They will be bonding through your methods, through your techniques, through your new QHHT methods, and they will be benefiting everybody in the room and are like-minded individuals. You see, this process is happening and, of course, we do like the train track analogy which Kaya mentioned before of the train speeding up right now. We are feeling the train, and the train is 11 miles per hour on the track, which is pretty fast, because if you were running, as fast as a sprinter, 11 miles an hour would be quite a sprint. So, you can see how the trains have split, they’re moving the tracks and they are going in opposite directions, so that’s….did we answer that question appropriately?

W: Yes, thank you. When will we notice more 3D people dropping off of this reality?

K: They’re dropping off every day, you see. We just don’t take time to really think about it, but they are doing their own thing, they are gathering, they are forming their own consciousness, it is happening. There are many things that are happening now, there are the precursors that are coming down from the alien civilizations that are here to aid us, as we had seen before. They are here. They are integrating. They are testing, and they are here to help. It is great time of expansion, we should all be very grateful for enjoying this experience and being able to be here right now. You see, there is a waiting line to get into Earth at this time. Yes, yes, this is where the party’s at, this is where the split’s happening. The thousands of years of culmination have come down to this point!

Seeing the Remnant Light of 3D Beings

W: How come we still see many 3D individuals?

K: How do we still see? We see their reverberated paths, we still see a partial feeling from them, they are more of a lasting imprint of them. You see, this is a multi-dimensional question where we’re seeing a version of them where it’s already gone, but we can still see. We’re seeing an analogy of light and a flash of light when it’s very dark, and you’re suddenly adjusting to light, and you see a wave of light that is existing in the old place, even though the light has now left that place. You see a trail. Right now, we’re seeing the trail of the 3D people that are still here, but they are still, they are very much on their way in their new planet. What we are seeing is their trail.

W: How do we look on their planet?

K: We don’t look on their planet at all.

W: They don’t see us?

K: Old planet, they are getting closer and closer, and clumping together, and we are doing our own thing. We are slowly getting more and more into a vibration that makes us invisible to the lower planes. They will not see the second future Earth, they will not be aware of the second future Earth, they will be in their own 3-dimensional reality and thinking that the world has just gone to crap.

W: Will there be destruction on the other Earth?

K: Yes.

The Darker Future Earth

W: Darker Earth?

K: Yes, yes of course. This is when you make bad decisions, and you poison the environment. A great ecological collapse of the oceanic system is not far away, the damage is being done. The reactor in Japan has done more damage than the current culture, than people really know. There have been problems, great problems with that, that have not been remedied. There have been drilling and oil contamination of the ocean, and the coal from what you would say as the Chinese. Many things that are happening that are polluting waters, and when countries and governments come together and they look to increase their profitability and have corporations make more money at the expense of Mother Earth, there are not good things happening.

You see, the star beings are aware of this and have decided that the Earth needs to split in order for it to completely re-heal. We like the definition that was used earlier this evening. It was a beautiful definition of the cell splitting, we think that is very appropriate. It is a great way to tell; we love good stories and good analogies and symbols to relay information. Right now, we are delivering bursts of energy to Kaya to relay, and he is trying to keep up with us the best that he can, but we prefer to give as many analogies and symbols so that you can digest it and have various points of references, so your questions can be answered as thoroughly as possible.

W: When will we notice the other Earth? Is there a year you could give us? That we actually see with our physical eyes? The split?

K: You’re seeing it now. You see, we’re feeling it now. You see, the Earth, when you think of the highest version of yourself, when you imagine the beauty, when you looked into the Arizona sky as we were walking back from the session, how can I best describe this, the 3 of you were walking back, back from the house, and wanting to walk backwards and laughing at the Parks and Recreation funny guy that looks like Kaya and checks his heart rate. You were looking at the mountains. When you were looking at the mountains, if you could imagine, that moment, when you felt the beauty of the mountains encapsulating your body and feeling your essence, you were in the 5D reality.

You see, the 5D reality is embedded in beauty, and it is embedded in your emotions of feeling exhilaration and the ecstasy. That’s why you had the conversation about the exhilaration, so that you can feel glimpses of the 5D. The 5D was felt last evening in the dinner, when you would have felt this.  When they were looking out at the restaurants and seeing some of the people with the music and the sights, and there were 5D moments there, when everything seemed so perfect and beautiful that it couldn’t be real.

Feel Your Inner Ecstasy

W: Thank you. And we will be experiencing this more as time goes on?

K: More and more, every day, you see, you need to follow the tips from the Higher Self, and understand, that’s why we have been pushing through in the conversations today, to try and encourage everyone collectively to create symbols that they can use as the focal point of the 5D reality, because these symbols are filters. When you look at the symbol, the filter acts as a bridge, or a portal into the 5D.

When you bring your attention and your energy into those symbols, the 5D reality can be yours with the proper conditioning of the mind to feel that beauty, to allow it to soak in, to allow the goodness to soak in of Mother Earth, to feel your joy, to feel your ecstasy, to feel the love for one another, that is how 5D surfaces. That is the bonding mechanism of 5D and you can feel it all of the time. So, if you are interested in accelerating your path, connect with that feeling, connect with that vision, connect with it all.






















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