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Be There for a Friend: Complete Guide on How to Give Good Advice


How often have you remained silent when you saw a friend struggling with a problem? Don’t feel bad if you have done this—what you unwittingly did was follow an important rule in how to give good advice: wait to be asked.

As we go through life and experience the world, we solve problems, observe behavior, and generally get better at living. Experience arms us with the knowledge that we share to help other people. It’s a natural behavior, especially when it applies to the people we love.

Your friend’s problem belongs to them, and they have a right to solve it, not solve it, or ask for help solving it. This is where following some helpful guidelines about advice-giving comes in. That’s right; we’re going to give you some advice about giving advice.

8 Ways to Reduce Your Anxiety Levels


There are obvious and clear advantages to living in the modern world. We don’t have to worry about predators, or the elements, or, for the most part, about food. It’s all been taken care of. However, that doesn’t mean it’s all plain sailing. We’re still subject to our human bodies, which haven’t made the transition into this worry-free existence. Our anxiety buttons are still triggered, but now it’s because of things like flashing screens, beeping horns, crowds, and so on. Life is pretty complicated, even if it’s convenient, and as a result, there are plenty of people living with anxiety. If you’re one of them, then the good news is that there are things you can do to reduce the severity of your anxiety. We take a look at eight ways below.

How Does Online Therapy Work & Is it Worth it?


46.4% of American adults will suffer from mental illness at some point in their lifetime. That’s almost one in every two people. Clearly, mental health is a significant problem in this country. There’s never been a greater need for effective mental health treatment approaches.

Depression: The Many Routes To Recovery


Depending on what statistics you believe, anything between 1 in 10 to 1 in 6 people in your life will develop and experience depression at some point in their lives. Given how common it is, it is shocking that we are still fighting a stigma around it, and it’s something that you might want to think about if you are hoping to try and remove it in your life.

10 Tips To Improve Your Life Today


Do you want to improve your life? Whether you’re looking for new relationships, opportunities, a more vibrant social life, or a stronger financial portfolio, the most significant external changes begin with an internal change. In this guide, we’ll give you 10 ways you can make your life better, today. After all, if you’re reading this article, you have the motivation today. Read on to get started.

How to Teach Children about Mindfulness


If you’re worried your child spends too much time on superficial activities, you should look into mindfulness for kids. Teaching your kids about mindfulness will show them how to be aware of their surroundings and live in the moment. Here are a few easy ways to teach them about mindfulness.

5 Self-Care Rituals to Connect to Your Inner Spirituality


Did you know that the constant stress and self-sacrifice of everyday life can hurt your productivity in the long run? Chronic stress simply isn’t the way our bodies are built, as they meant to function under short bursts of stress through the flight-or-fight response. But, through low levels of stress every single day, our entire body can suffer. The term “self-care” is an amazing solution to our stress problem. While it can often sound overly indulgent, it is actually extremely personalized to your needs. Better yet, when you take good care of yourself through regular self-care rituals, you can be your best self at school, work, and in your relationships.

7 Holistic Health Care Tips You Need This Winter


As the months get colder, our bodies ache more and our mental state begins to deteriorate. Stress can be a killer if you let it get the best of you. It has been linked to depression, heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure. If you’re one who is affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder or who just is overwhelmed by the holiday season, you should consider utilizing some holistic health options. The most effective solution to stress, pain, and lethargy associated with the winter is prevention. We hope this short holistic guide helps you navigate these cold months much easier. These are the seven best holistic practices you can do in your own home.